YouTube, Gmail Server Down in India! 503 error show in home page

YouTube, Gmail, Meet and other popular Google apps and services may be facing an outage in India. The information comes courtesy of social media reports where many users are posting about being unable to access any services on a number of Google apps. This coincides with reports on website and server outage tracker Downdetector, which also states that there is a clear spike in the number of reports on a possible server outage for Google India, from around 5PM IST. Google is yet to confirm any server outage, or publish information regarding why its services may not be working right now.

News18 could independently verify that the YouTube Android app presently appears to be down, with a ‘could not connect to server’ message being displayed upon opening the app. The service is also down for iOS, although YouTube still appears to be working on desktop browsers at the time of publishing the story. However, Google Drive is presently not accesible on desktop browsers as well as both iOS and Android mobile apps. As a result, it is likely that select Google services may still be working for some users intermittently, although a server disruption for Google India is pretty apparent at the moment. Google’s own workspace status dashboard, which reflects any server downtime or outage of any apps and services operated by Google, is yet to reflect any server downtime status at the time of publishing.

Youtube server down

Server downtimes of major apps are pretty common, and may happen owing to a large number of reasons. The most common of these include scheduled maintenance, minor system bugs that interrupt information delay from the remote servers, and so on. In extreme or exceptional cases, such outage may also represent coordinated cyber attacks, such as the cryptocurrency attack on Twitter that saw accounts of many public figures being hacked. Given the present climate of cyber security, such a prospect cannot be ruled out, either. However, the exact reason and the overall duration of downtime for Google services in India remains to be seen.

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